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This seems like… incredibly dangerous. Lawsuit waiting to happen

We've consulted with the wise wizards of safety to ensure our game is as secure as a fortress gate. But fret not, should ye ever feel besieged by danger, simply raise thy goblet and retreat! 🏰

This is the worst thing ever made

Hark! It seems we've summoned a dragon of criticism. Fear not, for ChuggerKnights was crafted to battle the dullest of parties, not dragons. 🐉🍻

Its one of thise games where you try to stab the other guys beer with a little metal dude

Ah, the little metal dude – a valiant knight on a quest for glory and good times. Think of him as your tiny champion in the grand arena. Will you choose read team or blue team?

lol good way to waste beer

If the loser drinks the moat, as any beer really wasted? 🤔

Some drunk guy is gonna break the line and stab the other contestant 🤣

Our game is built with the resilience of a knight's armor - food-grade stainless steel that laughs in the face of danger (and drunken enthusiasm). 💪🛡️

A lot easier to just pour the beer on the ground

Pouring beer on the ground? We're not savages; we're knights! Stick to watering plants, we'll handle the party games. 😜🛡️

Seriously interested in becoming Chuggerknights ambassador!!!

Send us a DM with your info!

We’re always looking for brave knights to join our ranks.

What is your delivery time?

We will start deliveries in early may

Any further questions?